This was another one that took a lot of thought on my part, and even though I love every episode so much, its s02e01 Anthropology 101 that really takes the cake, in terms of my favorite all round episode.

So its a quick response today because I’m about to go out. But Even though I love all the spoof episodes, and I love all the characters personal episodes and the progress each individual makes in them. I have always felt this episode is one of the best defining moments for the study group as a whole. There is one specific scene that is my favorite of the whole series and its hard to tell you why I feel this episode is my favorite without reference to that scene, but I feel it would cheapen my post tomorrow, where I show you my favorite ever scene, and its from this episode.

Since I’m in a rush, I could go on about Jeff’s respect speech:

 The viral marketing campaign spawned from Troy’s twitter account “@oldwhitemansays”:

How this episode is probably one of Britta’s best:

and the introduction of Chang as a peer rather than an authority figure:


 But really all I need to say is; Betty Motherfucking White.

So, short answer there, but I feel I made up for it with pictures and quotes.
Anthropology 101 opens the best season so far of Community, and what a way to open it. with a bang, and a splash to the face of a cup full of urine.

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